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The notice of how to do daily maintenance of laser tube

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The notice of how to do daily maintenance of laser tube

In answer to the requirement from some distributors and partners, hereby we notify the daily maintenance as following:

1:The installation of laser tube: Generally the location of laser tube stand shall be at the 1/4 point of the end of laser tube. In the condition of connecting with water cooling system, please rotate laser the tube slightly until the light spot and power reaches the best status.

2:The circular water must be clean, if you find the water get dirty, you need to change the water immediately. Exchanging water cannot make it cold or hot suddenly. Otherwise, it is easy to cause laser tube crack. The cooling water’s temperature shall at around 18-15 degree. More than 30 degree will cause the laser power decrease gradually. The circular water inside the laser tube should not have air bubbles, if not, please squeeze the water pipe to get rid of air.

3:If it accumulate some precipitate after using for a long time, you’d better remove the laser tube, wash it by water, then re-install it.

4:Please ensure that the mirror at the end of the laser tube must be clean, this is very important. If the laser tube works in very hard condition, the mirror must be cleaned with alcohol by professional personnel to ensure the laser power normal.

5:During the using of laser tube, please set the current according to Puri laser’s power requirement. If too high, it will shorten lifespan of laser tube. Meanwhile, do not let the laser tube work at the limit power for long time, it will shorten lifespan of laser tube.

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