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New Technology 150W Laser Tube

PRR 150W 1800mm 80mm 150w-170w 25-30mA catalyst
  • PRR 150W
  • Puri
  • 9013200099
(1)   Stability, the raw glass tube body is imported. We are the unique manufacturer for adopting advanced foreign technology to use metal-glass sealing technology on CO2 laser tube.
(2)   Power, the R series CO2 Laser Tube uses imported mirror and lens. The power is 40% higher than other laser tube with same length.
(3)   Long Life span, the catalyst coating on discharge tube with unique electrode processing makes the laser output more stable, ensures the working life around 8000-10000 hours, avoid power weakening after long time working
(4)   Laser beam, adjustable optical resonant cavity, super laser beam quality. The beam is up to TEM00, the power is stable, it’s competitive for industrial application.
(5)   Appearance, all accessories are processed by imported equipments, unique metal and glass tube sealing technology, standardized production.
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